Client Home

Welcome to Aligned Capital Partners Inc., a truly independent financial advisory firm founded in 1987. Your advisor has chosen ACP as a place to call home and to provide you with a vast array of products and services required to meet your financial objectives. Your advisor has conducted the necessary due diligence on our firm and has concluded that we represent the best fit for your client\advisor relationship to continue to prosper.

Our guiding philosophy is to place our clients’ interests first. “Client Centric” is not a buzz word at ACP it is tangibly embedded in our culture, business model and processes. In everything we do, we focus on preserving and evolving our client-centric focus.

We believe that client relationships are best served by seasoned professionals with experience and integrity. ACP advisors average more than 15 years of financial planning experience. Given the complexities of the financial markets and the speed at which change occurs, experience ensures a perspective that is necessary in order to navigate you towards a successful conclusion of your stated financial objectives.

While your ACP advisor is your primary point of contact, the ACP team is working diligently behind the scenes in order to ensure that he or she has all of the required tools and processes necessary to provide you with a value added client/advisor relationship.

-Your ACP Team