Careers at Aligned Capital Partners Inc.

Aligned Capital Partners Inc. welcomes professionals of all skill and experience levels to join our rapidly growing team. Below you will learn more about the values we seek and culture we embody. You will also find a special message from our President, followed by opportunities available across our various teams. We greatly appreciate your interest in joining Aligned!

A Message from Our President:

My partners and I started Aligned in 2012 with enormous passion and vision, which has only grown since then. We have always believed there is a “best way” to support Advisors and, in order to do it, we had to do things differently. However, the traditional and accepted approaches of the industry are deeply rooted; our refusal to accept this created a stir that is still talked about today.

Frankly, many people expected us to fail. But we were – and continue to be – fueled by our confidence that Advisors with the most autonomy possible would be empowered to deliver “best-in-class” financial advice. This new model resulted in our Advisors being freed from the inherent conflict of interest that exists in our industry. Our Advisors love it. We did not fail.

If you are interested in being part of the Aligned team, and if you are the “right fit” for our values and vision, then you can be assured that I — along with all of your colleagues — will do everything we can to help you succeed, and make an ongoing contribution that you can be proud of professionally and personally.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                 – Christopher J. Enright

Our Core Values

Collaboration & Teamwork – You will never hear the words “that is not my job” here at Aligned.

Our staff work together in a collaborative manner to tackle any task at hand. While our people are given a great deal of autonomy and independence, any member of Aligned will never feel isolated or alone. We are a caring team that fosters individual, team, and organizational success. We are all part of one big, interconnected team and no matter what department you are in or what role you have, we all pull the rope in the same direction. If you need help, simply ask and you will have no shortage of colleagues offering their time and assistance. Our open-door policy goes right to our President and CEO where all partners, managers and executives are happy to brainstorm ideas or discuss the “why.” At Aligned, you will have access to some very knowledgeable individuals, and the opportunity to build valuable and lasting relationships.

Growth & Opportunities – Our goal is for all team members to reach their full potential.

As the firm continues to expand, we offer growth potential in the form of new roles, continuous opportunities to shine, and direct dialogue with industry mentors. As a smaller and more agile organization, you will have frequent chances to learn about all areas of the business. You will not be put in a silo. You will have ample resources to learn and understand a vast suite of roles and career paths. We believe that working in an environment like this supports faster learning and allows our people to fit the pieces of the puzzle together at a higher level.   

Positive Attitude & Passion – Feel empowered and inspired to do your best each day.

We are always looking for passionate individuals to join our team. These are individuals who wake up each day and want to put their best foot forward. They are enthusiastic about being part of something special. Simply put: if you want to be proud of where you work, the people you work with, and the contribution you make each day Aligned may just be the perfect fit.

Creativity & Innovation – We embrace new ideas and fresh perspectives.

As you saw in the message from our President, Aligned is built on a culture of challenging the status quo. Every one of us has seen businesses afraid to make a change, and not wanting to shuffle the deck because “it is working well enough.” This is not the case at Aligned. If we believe that changing structure or implementing a new process will improve the business, we drive forward and make it happen. Complacency in the industry is what gave rise to the ideas that founded Aligned. There is no room for that kind of thinking here. We believe in creativity and innovation.

Service Excellence & Client Focus – We take great pride in our exceptional service commitment to our Advisors and their Clients.

Supporting our Advisors is what we do, and we pride ourselves in providing exceptional support both from an advisor service and technology platform perspective. By giving our Advisors and their staff the tools and knowledge they need to be successful, we can aid in giving the end client the best possible experience dealing with their investments. Earning and maintaining the trust of our Advisors and their clients is the heart of everything we do at Aligned. It is the driving force behind the operational decisions we make, the service and governance we deliver, the employees we hire, and the standards we set.


Why Join Aligned?

As you look to either embark upon a new career or join the workforce, naturally you will ask yourself a critically important question: What type of organization would I like to work for?

To help you determine if joining Aligned is right for you, here is what you can expect:

  • An environment that is not afraid of change and encourages fresh ideas.
  • A culture where everyone works together, and not against each other.
  • Ongoing opportunities to learn and gain exposure across a vast array of different facets of the business.
  • Access to some of the industry’s most knowledgeable individuals, who are always willing to share time and ideas.
  • A dynamic career that will never be boring.

If you are excited and energized by what we offer — and by what you can bring to our growing and dynamic firm— then we invite you to explore a career with Aligned! 


Teams & Opportunities

Client Experience Team

Our Client Experience Team is the trusted “go to” for all of our Advisors. We take an above and beyond approach when it comes to service, and ensure that we are always seen as trusted business partners. We enable our Advisors to support their clients and grow their business. Positions on this team range from entry level administrative support to senior support and managerial roles. There is ample opportunity for learning and growth, all while working with the best in the industry.

Opportunities with our Client Experience Team:

  • Administrative Associate
  • Service Associate
  • Senior Service Associate
  • Relationship Manager
  • Transitions Support Associate
  • Transitions Specialist

Business Integrity Team

Our Business Integrity Team ensures that Aligned continuously adheres to all of the rules, regulations, policies and procedures of the Canadian securities industry. The team monitors Advisors’ activities, head office activities, and collaborates with the other pillars of the firm to regulate the investment experiences of our clients. 

Key functions and activities of the Business Integrity Team encompass many areas of the industry, such as: registering industry participants, auditing Advisors’ activities, supervising clients’ accounts and trading, researching and analyzing products, and managing investment solutions for clients. 

At Aligned we intentionally use the label “Business Integrity,” rather than “Compliance” to emphasize our unwavering focus on the integrity of doing business, and ensuring that we work with our Advisors to find solutions within the parameters of the many regulations that govern our industry.

Opportunities with our Business Integrity Team:

  • Business Integrity Associate
  • Branch Auditor
  • Regulatory Coordinator
  • Compliance Supervisor
  • Business Integrity Manager
  • Wealth Management Operations and Trade Desk Administrator
  • Managed Wealth Business Development – Associate
  • Trading – IFM Trade Desk Associate
  • Discretionary Management Trade Facilitation Lead
  • Investment Product Analyst

Finance Team

Our Finance Team is responsible for meeting reporting and operational obligations to regulators and clients. Members of the team take ownership and pride in managing risk, preparing financial statements, and being responsive to our Advisors’ inquiries. There are two groups within this team:  Operations and Commissions/Reporting.

Opportunities with our Finance Team:

  • Financial Operations Associate
  • Senior Associate
  • Financial Reporting Analyst
  • Accountant
  • Bookkeeper

Technology Development Team

Our Technology Development team is a vital link between our business objectives, and the technology solutions we implement to meet our goals. We leverage advancements in technology to build new platforms for our Advisors and their clients. Key responsibilities include designing, developing, and implementing automation solutions, as well as monitoring projects that improve back office efficiency and enhance the client and Advisor experience. 

Opportunities with our Technology Development Team:

  • Data and Process Analyst
  • Delivery and Support Specialist
  • Project Coordinator


Come Grow with Aligned

Motivated. Client-Focused. Innovative. Creative. Respectful. Authentic. Driven. Team-Oriented. If these core characteristics and commitments resonate with you, then we look forward to meeting you.

To find out more, you are invited to reach out to to further discuss joining our growing firm. We are always looking for great people to help us be the industry’s best investment dealer!

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