Client Request Notice For Annual Audit

Dear Associates,

Every IIROC firm is required to engage an external Auditor to perform an audit of the firms’ client account statements on an annual basis. This annual audit is being conducted as of December 31st, 2022. This routine process is being conducted by the Auditors Yale PGC LLP.

The Auditors will randomly select Clients to confirm their December 31st, 2022 account statements. If one of your clients is selected, the request will be sent to them directly in the form of a letter along with a pre-addressed return envelope for their reply. The letters will be sent throughout July and August. The selected clients may be asked to confirm the following account information:

1) Account balances

2) Nil account balances

3) If their account closed in the year

4) If their account opted for e-delivery of statements

Aligned Capital Partners Inc. cannot disclose which of your Clients, if any, will be selected to confirm their accounts, nor will the Auditor contact you with these details.

A sample of the confirmation request letter can be reviewed here: Sample Client Confirmation Request Notice For ACP Annual Audit

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this letter, please contact Jason Shields, ACPI CFO, directly at:

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