ACPI Head Office Brand Specifications

Aligned Capital Partners Inc. Letterhead:

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ACPI Letterhead with Footer – CIRO Updated

ACPI Letterhead No Footer – CIRO Updated

ACPI Fax Cover Sheet


Aligned Capital Partners Inc. Logo Files:

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PNG Greyscale:

PNG – Transparent Background:

Aligned Capital Partners Inc. Brand Colour Specification Sheet:

ACPI Brand Colour Specifications


Font Usage:

Font: Calibri Light

Standard Font Use Practice for Content:
Text: Calibri Light 12 pt.
Sub-Headings: Calibri Light 14 pt. (bolded)
Headings: Calibri Light 16 pt. (bolded)

Document Spacing Parameters:
Line Spacing: 1.0 (single spacing)
Margins: all page margins to be set at the standard 1.0″ on all sides
Header space from top of page: 0.5″
Footer space from bottom of page: 0.5″


Email Signatures:

How-To Set Up Your ACPI Email Specifications

Email Signature Templates – Copy & Paste UPDATED

The ACPI Email Signature Specifications for Registered Head Office Staff Members – CIRO Updated

The ACPI Email Signature Specifications for Non-Registered Head Office Staff Members

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