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Aligned Capital Partners Inc. was founded on a fierce sense of entrepreneurial spirit, which is a key driver of independent thought. By putting the right internal structure and staff in place, advisors can run their businesses, their way.

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Going off the Grid

When we designed our business model, the first thing we sought to eliminate was the single greatest variable in an advisor’s practice: the commission grid. At ACPI, we charge a flat monthly fee for compliance and back office services so that advisors can keep 100% of their compensation.

The advantages to this model include:

  • Advisors are not hindered by rising costs as their business grows
  • There is no pressure to make sales or push proprietary products
  • All advisors are viewed as equal business partners
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Product Shelf

We have a robust and active Product Review Committee composed of members with varying skill sets, including compliance, product distribution, portfolio management and securities analysis. All new product offerings are placed before the committee to determine risk and overall suitability for investors based on the merits of the product. We conduct a rigorous review to make informed decisions in the best interest of our advisors and their clients.

Different Strokes

A key pillar of the ACPI business model is its adaptability to different advisor practices. Our robust back office systems allow advisors to run their business at their own discretion. Whether advisors are engaging in our Practice Management Community, developing their own investment fund, or working to create a new fee-based model, we are there to support their business, their way.

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